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My name is Brent Rincker I am the owner of Lot One. I live in Shelbyville, IL and I grew up here on cattle and grain operation currently known as Rincker Simmentals. My father Curt had a vision of raising a family while raising and selling good functional and maternal Simmental cattle. I found my love for the cattle business while showing cattle at the local, regional, and national level.

I went to College to Lake Land College and got my associates in Pre-Engineering. During my time in college I believe the first concepts of this company originated. I realized that not only was there a need to connect livestock producers directly to their customers using the internet but I think some people were already doing so. I didn’t really have the resources to pull this application off at the scale that I wanted.

I continued on to Southern Illinois University studying Electrical Engineering and kept connection to my Agricultural roots by joining Alpha Gamma Rho. The next summer I did an internship with Software Solutions Integrated working in quality assurance. It was at this time I realized my passion really lived in software development. I transferred to Eastern Illinois University and studied Math and Computer science before finally getting a job at SSI.

My work at SSI has always been my livelihood but working on the family farm as a “weekend warrior” nights and weekends in the pursuit of raising the best cattle we could was quickly becoming my real passion in life. It wasn’t until I really established myself in this routine that I had the resources to start bringing the application to life that would eventually become Lot One.

Little by little over the span of years I worked with several people to build the site that started out as a website known as eSaleBarn. I immediately put this to use to help broadcast our own production sales. Over the span of the last 5 years the code really went through a blender to find the right technology stack that worked for us. I think it emerged to become a product that I could be proud of. A product I was ready to rebrand and give it a higher end look and feel. Over the past year Lot One in 2016 has seen some amazing new product development that is going to give the user a great interface to work with anytime anywhere.